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Modern Room 

This entails furniture, lighting, accessories and wall decor. Selection of artwork as well need be. 


Full house: You recently bought a property (or moved to a new one- in either case, congrats!), need to furnish it and seek assistant in doing so. This is your service! 

In this case, I would provide you with a quote once I have all the details and we have met each other. It is very important to do a proper briefing beforehand. 

Online: you must have a floor plan of your property. If you don’t, it should be arranged. It will be almost impossible otherwise. Then, I will need photos or videos per room. Then we will meet via ZOOM in order to  start our design dialogue and see how it evolves. We will first create a moodboard, most likely using Pinterest as a guidance, but also other sources. Then I’ll send you a questionnaire for you and your family to go through. It is importante to be aware of how we behave at home, and what our habits are in order to dress it properly. Then I will provide a set of ideas per room, a list of furniture, accessories, lighting, and artwork. 

Onsite & hassle free: same as online, but we meet there, in your property in person. I love to walk around the property along with the clients. We will continue our design dialogue afterwards as well, but this first meeting would be key in the process. Hassle-free means that I will be the one receiving the goods (all the orders, etc), unpacking and arranging it at your place.

  1. Per-room: Your place is fully furnished but you are not that happy about a certain room (this happens more often than never, even more nowadays). It could be a bedroom, or the living room. Or both. In this case, my quote per room is 60 euros if done online and 70 if on-site. 

  2. Online per-room service: take a photo of the room, send me the specs (mainly the dimensions), and inspo ideas if you do have any. Then we will meet via ZOOM in other to start our decor dialogue. It is ok if you are unsure as to what you deco style is, or if you have a low budget. Almost everything is doable (I do like to be realistic). I will then provide you with a list of furniture and accessories and you will arrange everything following the deco plan initially designed. 

  3. On-site per-room service: I go to your place and get all the info I need. I will then provide you with a list of furniture and accessories so you can purchase it. Once everything arrives I will go there again and lay everything out according to your needs. 

  4. Hassle-free on-site per-room service: same as No 2 but in this case I place the orders (after the budget is approved and the monies have been transferred) and I would receive the goods at your place. 


Needless to say, and this pertains all of the above services, I will be reachable at all times. I understand how important it is to turn a property into your home and I’m more than happy to be there, by your side, along the way. 
















Interior Design: 


As opposed to the “decor” services, this entails a complete refurbishment of a certain part of your property or your property in full, i.e. alter the layout; redo the kitchen; update your bathrooms. 


This is an on-site service and quote will be provided after the first briefing. We will implement same procedure as above, where I need to get to know the clients, their needs and style; we will elaborate moodboards, and select an array of materials that will suit their style and meet their requirements. Then I will be the point of contact for the contractors and will be in charge of site visit in order to oversee the renovation works. 


I love working with second hand units where the work turns into  that of an artist: carving out the beauty of the stone. 


You can refer to my “before/after” section in order to see how the same space can acquire a whole new dimension after a bit of creativity and passion. 


Home Staging: 


First of all: what is it? Home staging is the preparation of a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money


This service is for those looking for high-end yet low-cost home staging solution for all their property needs.

I will ensure your property is dressed to sell at maximum value by creating a sense of style and focusing on the key selling points.


This is perfect for private owners looking to speed up the selling process, but also for real estate agencies. 


If you are a private owner, there is also Home Staging Free where you only pay once the sale has gone through. 












Moodboards for Real Estate Developers: 


Want to add the wow factor to your new development? 

This is what you need: schemes created to attain maximum appeal and entice the target demographic.


Now we’re into a new decade, customers expectations are getting greater than ever.

People want more, they want to know every detail about their potential home and feel part of the buying process.

By using CGI for property marketing, house builders can exceed their customers expectations, by showing them exactly what their new home and development will look like, before it’s been built.


I will work along with your architect or CGI artist (CGI company) in order to showcase exactly what you have in mind and your customers are eagerly waiting for. 


You should be proud of the development, and show the site off to the world months before building has commenced. This will also enable your sales team to sell off-plan quicker and easier. 


Property Hunter/Relocation: 


Whether you are looking for your dream house or as an investment, I can assist you during the process. I love spending my free time (if any at all!) on property portals online just for fun! 


  1. Property purchase: I will find the ideal property for you, in the best possible conditions, and supports you throughout the purchase process. 

  2. Real Estate investment: Benefit from the best opportunities, and invest safely in the property market

  3. Relocation: Are you not in the area to find your accommodation yourself? Do you not have time, or know the city well enough? I will quickly and efficiently find the property you are looking for. 

Window Plants


Home Decorations

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