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I´m Fuen

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I am almost 34 (this is being typed in April 2021) and I have worked in different fields until I decided to start my own interior design company. To sum it up, I started working in my hometown, Murcia, as a teacher for two years. Then I moved to London where I set up a pop-up store in Camden Town for 6 months.

Right after this,  I worked as a property manager for a Greek guy who owned a family business in Cadogan Square for 3 years. When I decided it was about time I left London, I moved to Madrid where I work as CEO of Baraka Properties, alongside my brother, for two years. Stop. Then I just took a few months off to think, reflect, meditate if you wish… and now I have embarked myself in this chapter of my life where I hope my experience and knowledge can be valuable to you. 


It was in London that I fell in love with interior design. The apartments (+50!) I managed where carefully designed in-house in order to deliver the best properties in the area (and in the city!). I truly believe that all the time spent in selecting the fabrics, the size of the sofa, or the quality of the wooden flooring was something I never realized would be so rewarding once you see it in the end product.


It is like going to the grocery shop and choose the best vegetables to cook a delicious meal, or when designing your bridal dress. A home is something you put your soul in, whether it is your own, or a client’s. 


That’s my motto. To surrender to the potential of a house in order to turn it into a home. But first, what does home mean? Oh, I bet you’re now imagining hundreds of scenarios that you can tag as home. For some, it would be a charming living room, for others, a large fully-equipped top-notch kitchen, for another lot, a gigantic mattress dressed with the best Egyptian linen. To me, it is my “safe zone”. It is protection, joy, wonder, confidence, calm.


It’s a feeling, rather than an “it”. It is having the certainty that I am in the right place at any given time. It is the perfect balance between aesthetics, comfortability and functionality. It is part of you, and in the end, you are part of it. It is this dialogue that matters to me. You. And your place. It is this that will unfold as soon as we start designing together your new home.

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